In Review: Samsung Muharrem Campaign!

They call it: The Most Emotional Surprise of the year… and they are RIGHT!

Samsung Turkey, pulled out a small experience to give one special person, a very special surprise. Muharrem, a hearing impaired young man, received a treat that day, when suddenly everyone around him were speaking his language *Sign language* …

Whole Neighborhood Learns Sign Language to Surprise Deaf Resident in Samsung Ad 

In the video below, titled “The Most Emotional Surprise of the Year,” we follow Muharrem, a hearing-impaired man, through his morning routine. A month of preparation (including sign language training) and many cameras later, Muharrem goes through the city and is greeted by people who can communicate just like he does.

All for Muharrem to have one day, with no barriers.

Samsung Turkey has launched a website with a video call center for the hearing impaired. Well done & Keep it Up Samsung!