In Review: The Fiat Parking Assistant!

Fiat went the extra mile to assist drivers in Germany, with the help of their agency Leo Burnett, they introduced the Fiat Billboard Parking assistant.

The agency hooked up a digital screen with special software and sensors to measure how far a driver’s rear bumper was from the car behind it, and then projected synchronized images of human helpers guiding the driver’s parking job—just like a passenger might get out and do.

We relocated the technology for the Fiat parking assistant outside the car by creating an interactive parking billboard: Different protagonists react to the cars in front of the parking spot and assist with parking. It shows how easy, stress-free and safe it is to park with the Fiat parking assistant.





The billboard even offers a range of different playful avatars for the computerized assistant—a sexy woman,  a biker, a child and a wise old man.