In Review: Coca Cola Zero Drinkable Advertising!

When was the last time you saw a commercial for Coca Cola and felt like you just wish you could DRINK that Adverting? Well now you can 🙂

With Coca Cola’s Zero-calorie soft drink proving its delicious taste by turning traditional advertising elements into immediate trial opportunities a new Innovation standard has been set and it went like this:

  • Drinkable Commercial 
  • Drinkable Stadium HD Video Boards 
  • Drinkable Challenge at Coke Zero™ Countdown Concert 
  • Drinkable Interactive Mall Kiosks
  • Drinkable Flyers
  • Vending Machine Mascots

Drinkable advertising is an innovative approach to removing barriers and making it ridiculously easy for those who are open to try Coke Zero to enjoy it in fun and unique ways.


Racquel Mason, Vice President,   Coca-Cola North America.