In Review: Volkswagen’s Eyes on the road Cinema Stunt!

Volkswagen has taken a bold step in its attempts to stop drivers from using their mobile phones at the wheel, surprising cinemagoers at a packed Hong Kong theatre with an interactive shock campaign

The movie theater was equipped with a location-based broadcaster that could send a mass text to everyone in the room at once.

A special short film aired before the feature showing the ad.

At the right time, operators sent the text so that everyone’s phone went off.

As they look down, the crash happens, taking them by surprise.

All the while, film cameras capture their reaction.

It all seems quite peaceful at first – but then a text message from a location-based broadcaster is sent to everyone in the cinema with a mobile phone, causing many to look away from the big screen for a quick glance at their personal screen. It’s at that point the film takes a traumatic turn, and the ensuing silence is quite chilling.