In Review: Misereor Social Swipe Posters!

Life can become easier for those who are in need with your donations, no matter how small it is, for you 2 Euros can be not so significant, but for someone living in India or in Africa per example, it makes a difference.

The Social Swipe, is a good example of a social experience using technology mixed with advertising and social responsibility. As it provides an awareness trigger coupled with an action to be taken immediately.


In November 2014, German relief organisation MISEREOR with the help of deployed interactive posters in airports in Hamburg and Amsterdam where people could donate 2 Euros using their credit cards by simply swiping over the poster  to slice a piece of bread to feed the hungry.


The Social Swipe is the first interactive billboard to accept credit cards, making donating easier than ever before. A credit card swipe through the poster donated 2 euros to MISEREOR and triggered an interactive experience: the card cut a slice of bread from a loaf, illustrating that the money donated was providing a daily meal for a family in Peru.


More information can be found here.