In Review: Sri Lanka’ Soap Bus Ticket!

Sri Lanka’s Asiri Group of Hospitals wanted to encourage people on public buses to wash their hands, as a preventative measure to avoid spreading germs.

Through research, LB/Colombo realized that bus stations rarely provided soap for people to use, so even if passengers were washing their hands regularly, the lack of antiseptic soap meant that germs would still spread from hand to hand.

As a solution to this problem, the agency (LEO BURNETT) devised an innovative ticket-roll infused with soap, so that every bus ticket issued to a passenger would have a secondary function as a free piece of soap. An integrated campaign using posters and signage educated the public about the benefits of hand washing and how using this new innovative paper soap could help protect people from disease and illness.

This kind of idea exemplifies the best of HumanKind thinking, as it promotes the general public health while serving this client’s interests as well.